Semerwater Alpaca 

The alpacas are rotated so the walks will consist of either 2 or 3 animals. Alpacas like the company of other alpacas therefore there needs to be a minimum of 2 alpacas per walk

Usually it is 1 adult with 1 Alpaca, but in certain circumstances 2 adults can share an alpaca.

The walks are unsuitable for children under 8.  Children between 8 and 16 must share an Alpaca with an adult.

Due to the uneven terrain, walks are not suitable for people with walking/mobility issues and we therefore cannot authorise wheelchairs; pushchairs or walking aids. 

 No dogs allowed.

The route does vary depending on the farming calendar, but each walk will include a snack time (for the Alpacas); plenty of photo opportunities and time by the Lake as the boys sometimes like a paddle.

The time it will take to do the walk varies as everything is done at Alpaca pace.

For animal welfare/health and safety reasons the walks are weather dependant and may have to be cancelled/re-arranged in poor weather/extreme heat.

You need to bring appropriate clothing eg waterproof/warm clothing/suncream etc depending on the weather.  Sturdy footwear with enclosed toes is always essential.

Most importantly expect the unexpected, bring patience, a camera, and a good sense of humour.   

(License for Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition License Number 19/00545/ANIPER issued by Richmondshire District Council)